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a waterm smart system installed by our Miami Beach sprinkler installation techsGet The FAQs About Our Water Smart Solutions

Q: How much will I save?

A: On average our customers with water conservation goals save an average of 25% on their monthly water bill. These savings are continual.

Q: What are the tax breaks?

A: Miami Beach residents are eligible for about $500 in tax breaks when they purchase certain water smart irrigation solutions such as rain sensors, and smart controllers.

Q: I'm not looking for a whole new sprinkler system, but I still want to save water. What are my options?

A: Even changing your existing sprinkler heads to more efficient newer models can help the average homeowner on a smaller budget. In addition to sprinkler heads with shutoff valves in the case of malfunction, sprinkler heads can now provide drip and mist irrigation to your yard as well.

Q: What are Micro Zones?

A: Your yard can be divided into small geographic regions based on the sunlight in the area, and the plants which exist in the zone. All of these zones can be irrigated separately based on their water demands, saving you wasted water and wasted money.

Q: What is Micro Irrigation

A: Our Miami Beach professionals know a thing or two about micro irrigation techniques and technology. Let us show you how you can incorporate mist or drip irrigation solutions to cater to the roots of your garden.

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